Taki Sushi used to be here before Yoshi Sushi opened. The interior wasn't changed, nor the menu. Curious, I asked the waiter why the menu had Taki Sushi on the cover. She told that the restaurant was took over by the chef.
We got tiger roll for appetizer and our regular dishes, Saba shioyaki and tonkatsu dinner set for main course. All of them were really good, the miso soup was the best. may be better than the last time I was here in Taki Sushi.


It was my first time here and I'll definitely be coming back in the future. At first, the bad reviews scared me off a little but experiencing it first hand was a whole different story. Not only was the food great and tasty but the servers were very polite and the overall experience was pleasant. Kinda makes you feel at home... 
Servers were attentive and made sure to address all your needs and requests. The decoration and layout of the restaurant is very inviting and welcoming which a huge plus. 
I don't know what it is with other sushi restaurants but this one in particular filled all of my expectations. This restaurant is a perfect opportunity to have a chat with friends over some sushi and share some good laughs. 
Highly recommend giving this restaurant a go. I enjoyed my visit.

I was in town and looking for some good eats to try in Richmond, at the time I was craving sushi. Generally, Richmond doesn't have great food spots compared to the East Bay therefore I didn't expect much from this sushi spot...
I walk in the restaurant and I get greeted in addition of being seated immediately. The décor provided such a lovely ambiance with Japanese art, perfect for either a date or bringing your family out. Customer service was also great and attentive. 
To be frank, I am not a big fan of sushi because of all the unauthentic places I have tried in the past. There is usually something not right... The lack of freshness in the materials or the rice isn't made properly in the rolls. These are all immense and essential factors in creating the perfect sushi roll. 
I was honestly surprised how authentic and flavorful all foods were, considering the bad reviews of this place, I am surprised it got so many poor reviews. Hands down, best sushi restaurant in Richmond, definitely worth trying! 
Nonetheless, I had an utterly pleasant experience and will definitely return.


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    Saw a few reviews complaining about 3rd party delivery. I'd been here before the change in ownership and was very pleased. Checked on YELP tonight to see if they were open and saw the name change. New/reworked ownership so I read the reviews. Only had 20 minutes left so I drove over with the other half. The small front lot was full. The driveway was blocked by a cab that was apparently picking up 2 elderly ladies. Parked 75 ft from the front door.
    We walked to the entrance and look and behold. It had obviously been freshly smashed by a car,  but there were people inside. More on that later.
    We were seated and told that they were closing soon. We ordered a large Sapporo  (shared) half dozen Oysters  (fresh!!) Nigeria and two dinners. Salad was fresh, Tako was sweet n salty. Good Miso soup. Owner Johnny comes over with a 2nd beer on the house and says hello. Apologizes for the open door and later explains that one of the 2 ladies we saw being picked up (  the " younger" 80+ year old) accidentally went forward while parking. The Police were called to deal with it. Johnny tells me that the two ladies waited in the car. They remarked that they were hungry. Being the gentleman that he is he invited them in and took care of them.
    We were there until 11pm. The employees and customers were the most fun I've had in years. The food was excellent as was the service. But the atmosphere raised the rating to six stars! Is it this good every night. I can't say. But even half as good is worth stopping by. We'll be back ASAP.


I was very happy with this place! I went in at around 5pm, which is when Yelp says they are open. It turns out that they actually don't start serving until around 5:30, but we were welcome to stay and have something to drink. They brought us out some miso soup (ordered) and some salad as we patiently waited for their staff to get ready. My boyfriend and I ordered the teriyaki chicken dinner and a dragon roll. The dragon roll, really, was the BEST I've ever tasted. I had just recently moved and missed my favorite sushi place, but the food here was very comparable, fresh, and delicious. Often I find that the unagi (eel) in dragon roll's tend to be a little chewy (which I've always assumed was normal), but Yoshio Sushi's version was very tender. :)  I am also usually sensitive to the ambiance in restaurants; I tend to like soft lighting and a quiet atmosphere. At the time I went, I had both of these and it felt very pleasant. I will definitely be going back.


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    I went here last night again with my cousin. I highly recommend the grilled Hamachi Kama and the Donbin mushi, those two are my favorite. The fish here are all good and fresh, me and my cousin killed a whole plate of sashimi and nigiri deluxe. Btw I love the decorating, also I was so surprised that they have private tatami room for small party or group. The service was nice and politely. I even got some free dessert in the end. Anyway, I like this place and definitely would come back again. Give this place a try.




This is our neighborhood spot. It's homey, tasty and consistent. I love the vegetable udon which made me like okra again. I like that it has interesting vegetables - okra, kabocha pumpkin, some different type of mushrooms, sometimes pea pods, etc and comes out piping hot. The husband always gets the Yoshio roll and I'm a fan of the veggie lover roll (which has some tempura veg in it and unagi sauce) and hamachi sashimi. 
Just to add - the waitstaff is always very kind - they often look harried like they are just barely keeping on top of things, but we're never in a rush when we go there so I never mind a little wait. Since the ownership changed, they have upgraded the decor inside and it's a nicer place  to sit in a cozy booth with a big sake and relax than it was previously.



Solid go to sushi place in the neighborhood. Been to a couple on Solano Ave that fell short, so happy to have found Yoshio.  Staff was friendly and there were a couple interesting specials (admittedly we didn't try). Sashimi was generous and fresh. Lastly, there were three TVs within the line of sight from most spots in the main dining room. We will be back.