Yoshio Sushi is a Japanese restaurant with traditional ambiance crafting exclusive signature rolls, fresh sashimi, nabemono (hot pots) & shabu-shabu, bento boxes and more in our izakaya “sushi bar,” dining tables, and VIP zashiki & horigotatsu (taking your shoes off & sitting on tatami and pillows) style room.

At the age of 18, Johnny Chang co-opened a Japanese restaurant in Taiwan. Now as owner and senior itamae-san (sushi chef) of Yoshio Sushi, formerly known as Taki Sushi, he brings traditional Japanese cuisine and izakaya sushi bar experience to his patrons. Johnny transformed Taki Sushi, which was originally co-owned by one of the founding fathers of the California Roll, to Yoshio Sushi in early 2016. Named after Johnny's father, Yoshio, he pays homage and brings to life his father's experiences and his true passions of appreciating Japanese cuisine. Yoshio Sushi's integrity of tradition, authenticity, family, combination of quality and quantity, real ingredients, and with the feel of coming home to eat, is mirrored to Johnny's relationship with his father, keeping it real, home, quality, family. We here at Yoshio don't chase fancy ambiances, but hand select every fresh fish to give you real Japanese home food. Johnny embodies that passion to serve you with that same experience of authentic, traditional, family style, fresh sushi to you, your table, and in our VIP zashiki/horigotatsu seating rooms. If you ever visit Japan, you will experience Yoshio Sushi.